Monday, December 5, 2011

What happened to November?

Wow! I missed a whole month's worth of posting. November was, needless to say, one big technological failure. The month started with my husband's phone dying- and taking our free wireless hot spot with it. It was followed in short order by the microwave, electric kettle, and toaster (all hand-me-downs). My phone decided to do a hard reset on the first of December, which resulted in it dumping many of the apps I had information stored in--most importantly (and mournfully), my pregnancy calendar that I'd been using to document all of my milestones during this pregnancy. So now that we are "roughing" it without a toaster or microwave, and all of the pictures on my phone have been successfully moved to a disc, we are moving on into December. I am blatantly ignoring the fact that Ardis's CD player died over the weekend and that she now is using my ancient one that is indicating it's desire to move along as well.

Miraculously, even without posts, the blog has had almost daily visits from friends far and wide. We are well over 1500 page views. So in my own personal determination to keep the visits going, I'm going to give a brief look at what's ahead in hopes of keeping myself accountable. As we look into the next few weeks, I am hoping to update about our fall planting we did during October (it will be entitled, "Why, oh, why won't the carrots grow?"), a fun update about our adventures in making our own laundry detergent (which will include recipes, links, and reviews), and, hopefully in the next couple of weeks, a post welcoming the newest member into our family.

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