Tuesday, July 19, 2011

To do or not to do...

I've officially reached that point in the summer where my "have-to-do" list long outweighs my "want-to-do" list. It's always difficult to keep the two balanced, much less justify checking any of the "wants" off when so many of the "needs" are more pertinent. I have a rather extensive list of blog topics that I've not had a chance to type up ranging from a bowl and spoon recipe from a dear college friend to a reading list for those of you looking for a little more gardening inspiration and expertise to a little note about why zinnias are so near and dear to my heart (without being my favorite flower)...just to name a few. School starts in a few weeks, and, while I am feel so much further ahead this year than last, I still have a monstrous amount of planning and prepping to do before those first few days.

And yet, despite all of this, the garden continues to flourish. It's probably a little weedy looking. The tomatoes are getting super bushy. The watermelon vine has become a maze of twisting and turning leaves in and out of the raised beds. We seem to have entered the portion of summer where the main portion of our yarden can easily be mowed, but weed-eating along the beds equals running the risk of damaging the produce.

And yet, the housework continues to pile up. I did get most of the house mopped yesterday-and re-mopped today because I used too much cleaner yesterday and left sections of the floor feeling a bit icky. I have a pile of sewing projects I'd like to continue including an apron and a dress (using a REAL pattern-not just something I've made up). The mudroom seems to always be the room I clean first- because in less than 30 minutes, I can "put it right" and feel accomplished. I hope that I can just accept the fact that a two-year-old, a full time job, several hobbies, and a well-kept house simply are not capable of existing in the same dimension.

And yet, despite all of this, the garden continues to be fruitful. With any luck, I will have frozen a few quarts of tomatoes by the end of the week as well as attempted to "dill-pickle" several pints and half pints of yellow pear tomatoes. We finally found watermelons on the vine- hidden away beneath tomatoes and zinnias- several small melons promising sweetness  in the upcoming months. The cantaloupe continue to grow- though slightly ovoid instead of spherical because gravity is simply a part of reality. The green beans are growing well- but we keep finding ones we've missed that are now the size of fava beans tucked in amongst the jungle-like foliage. The habaneros could put the supermarket out of business. Each plant has at least 30 peppers. I might attempt pickling a few of those as well.

And yet, I can't keep my mind from planning ahead...Next year, plant more Romas and Queen of Hearts. Remember to plant mustard and turnip greens this fall. Attempt broccoli again? Perhaps. Cabbages, carrots, and beets? Yes, please. Mark the calendar and remember to make blueberry cobbler for dessert at Grandmother Ardis's Thanksgiving dinner.

And yet, despite all this, the garden grows and blooms without any real need of me, anymore. Zinnias and sunflowers abound. The tomatoes ripen. The grass invades. Lavendar blossoms. Blueberry bushes grow. Pear tree limbs continue to sag. The yarden fulfills itself.

And yet...

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