Tuesday, July 12, 2011

How does your garden grow?

The garden continues to flourish. We've been picking green beans regularly but never seem to have enough at any one time to actually can any of them. The tomatoes are coming in full throttle. After delving into several canning and pickling books, I think that I've finally found a recipe for making dill pickled tomatoes in hopes of pickling some of the cherry and pear tomatoes we have developing in abundance. The recipe calls for green tomatoes, but I'm fairly certain I'll cheat and use all I have available at any time- which means that the jars will be green, yellow, orange, and/or red.  I've broken down the recipe so that it can be used as a "small batch" recipe. If it works out well, I'll make sure to post the recipe.

We have several small, fuzzy, green cantaloupe- all ranging in size from pecan to walnut. I'm looking forward to the first bite a little too much, I think. The watermelon vine continues to grow and grow and grow and grow. Yet, we can't find a single melon on the entire blasted thing! I am somewhat desperately hoping that one has hidden itself away beneath the jungle of tomatoes and zinnias.

Of the twelve corn seeds we planted, two sprouted. So far, only one actually has any sign of producing an ear of corn. The pears look simply luscious. Many of them are beginning to turn a little golden. Preserves are definitely on the horizon. Toast, anyone?

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