Tuesday, May 10, 2011

The Garden Gnomes have been busy.

There's a certain feeling of joy when you find chartreuse green sprouts peeping out of the ground. The feeling is hard to put into words. A sudden jump of joy and hope when you catch the sliver of green in the broad expanse of compost and soil, newly watered and dark brown.  Then a moment of doubt or worry that your eyes had deceived you--followed closely by an almost smug satisfaction when you realize that your eyes are not failing you. You do indeed have little seedlings emerging- stretching toward the sunlight. Finally, you breathe a sigh of relief, reveling in the knowledge that you took part in Nature's progression, salivating just a little when you remember the taste of a fresh tomato or cucumber.

As I walked through the yarden this evening, I found tons of seedlings. I might have jumped for joy. We have green beans (the front bed), peas (the second round of planting), edamame (2 more), cantaloupe, and squash! It makes me feel a little frantic to plant more-to see what else I can germinate.

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