Sunday, May 8, 2011

Attack of the Ninja Assasin Squirrels!

Because I haven't really touched on it over the past few weeks of blogging, I'll have to give a little bit of back story. When I was first beginning to re-plant the flower pots on the steps and around the house in February and early March, I discovered that the crazy squirrels had been using my planters as hideaways for pecan treasures. These pecans had begun to sprout when I found them. I was pretty excited about the discovery and, rightfully, planted the pecans into larger pots. Over the following weeks, we discovered more pecans sprouting in other areas of the yard (like the raised beds). Each was carefully transplanted into a pot of fresh organic compost and soil-then lovingly watered and doted upon. We ended up with about six trees total.

Now after weeks of watering, the squirrels have decided to repo the pecans. The first to go fell victim to a simple a broken stem. The second's pot was over turned in the night, dirt strewn about the crime scene of a driveway. The third and fourth disappeared in the night as well. I'm down to two, both of which have been carefully stored in the mud room, until they can be moved to a safer (hopefully, more permanent) locations.

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