Saturday, April 28, 2012

Tornado, anyone?

We've been working in the yard on a regular basis- getting things planted and weeded and moving and grooving. Well, at least, planted and weeded.  Our tomato seedlings are almost tall enough for transplanting into the yard. I've been waiting for our other seedlings to come through so that we can pull back the protective fencing that keeps the canines from digging up our future meals. Cucumbers are in the ground ("Cross country" and "Marketmore") as well as bush beans (a variety pack that includes purple, green, and white beans). My daughter insisted we go ahead plant corn- so we've already got a row of "Ruby Queen" and with "Mammoth" sunflowers along the  back of one of the beds. Our Brussels sprouts continue to grow. CANNOT wait until those are big enough to pick and eat. At the moment, they are the size of large peas. We've spied a few pears on the trees and have planted more blueberry bushes. Jesse has been edging one of the beds with three years worth of glass recycling that has been sitting in the garage. As soon as that's finished, pictures will be posted. Adventures in making different types of detergent for laundry and dishes (recipes to follow soon). OH! AND we've been enjoying our three-year-old, four-month-old, and full time jobs.
so, how are you?

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