Friday, October 28, 2011

It's Friday, I'm in Love!

I probably shouldn't steal so blatantly with my title, but I did. For those of you that don't know, the title of this post is song by The Cure. It was simply the first phrase that came to mind. I had intended on spending the last hour or so writing an entry while Ham & Cheese (my child and husband, respectively) went to the grocery store for milk and pizza. Instead, I spent that time goofing off/tweaking the design template of the blog, tooling around on Facebook/Twitter/Pinterest, and trying to remember all of the things I need to do tonight. First, and foremost, after dinner and this blog, I'll be working on a set of owl wings for Ardis's Halloween costume. I thought that she was going to be a cowgirl or a pirate girl, until I heard her inform others that she was going to be an owl. Say hoo? (hahaha- that was just for my husband) We bought the material earlier this week, and I feel pretty confident about my idea and plan of attack. Additionally, we have a pumpkin that we will either need to carve or puree tonight. My dream of an at home movie night with my husband after Ardis goes to bed, may simply be that: a dream. We'll see.

Last weekend, we finally pulled up the rest of the tomatoes from the garden. I, now, have a window full of green tomatoes that will either be left to ripen (and, then, be frozen) or to become the last fried green tomatoes of the season. I planted a 4 foot section of the first bed with carrots (two varieties: Scarlet Nantes and Chantenay Red). The carrots we planted several weeks ago produced 2 sprouts that are now about 6 inches tall. I hope this second planting proves a little more successful. The rest of the bed I filled with rows and rows of beet seeds (Greentop Branching). Both the carrots and the beets were planted in larger portions of the beds in an effort to get to have more than one meal from them. I planted one long row of lettuce along the front of the bed in vain  hopes that the frost will continue to be light enough that we will actually be able to harvest some before winter. We have some broccoli and brussel sprout plants that are waiting to be transplanted into the second bed along with collard green seedlings. I have yet to find a moment to go to Burson's for turnip green seeds. Tomorrow, I will make it out into the yarden to plant my remaining pea.

My thoughts have already begun to turn to what tomatoes to start in January (Queen of Hearts, Early Girl, and Boxcar Willie are at the top of the list) as well as what to plant and where. My brain is ready to go from functional to something "a little more aesthetically pleasing while maintaining functionality/productivity." My poor husband is now being harassed as I throw random ideas at him about what I'd like to change next year. One of the bigger speed bumps will be how we deal with having a toddler, an infant, and a garden. I can only hope that our garden can continue to evolve as our family does.

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