Tuesday, June 21, 2011

It's a jungle out there

Spent a little time out in the garden this morning. We've reached the point in the season where we are simply waiting on the opportunity to harvest the fruits of our labor and are doing "maintenance and upkeep" so that everything stays alive and flourishes. That being said- thought you might enjoy a little pictorial.

These are a couple of the pear booties that moon us on a daily basis coming into the yard. One branch officially needs to be tied up because the pears have begun to weigh it down enough for it to touch the ground.

The bee balm is blooming. It seems to have quadrupled in size this year so we've had at least 20 blooms on it. It have been beautiful and fragrant.

The three Russian Sage plants have continued to flourish this year. We have also had some volunteer Brown-eyed Susans pop up this year, in addition to those that had been intentionally planted in years past.

Beautiful Brown-Eyed Susan.

Another Susan.

SQUASH! It is almost ready for harvesting. There are several other baby squash all over the plant, but none are going to be ready any time soon. Planted second round of squash yesterday while out in the garden.

Promises of watermelon by summer's end :)

The first zinnia to bloom. It's a lovely peachy orange. We have at least a dozen other buds hinting at pinks and purples and red.

The cantaloupe and potatoes seem to be flourishing in the same planter. The cantaloupe plants have about a dozen blooms. Don't know that we'll be lucky enough to get that many cantaloupe.

Habaneros- looking much larger than they actually are. A couple are beginning to hint at turning orange.

Beautiful green bean blooms- We've already picked a small handful of beans this year.

The roses are as always beautiful and abundant.

Beautiful tomatoes! These are Queen of Heart. I foresee fried green tomatoes in my future.YUM!

These are the yellow pear tomatoes, which have already begun to turn yellow and are cherry tomato sized.

Can you see all the bell peppers? There are 6 so far with tons of blooms left to develop

These are the beets that we harvest over the weekend. We pulled up all of the beets and have now planted squash in their place. The beets and remaining carrots were delicious roasted in the oven with a little butter. Jesse enjoyed his with a little goat cheese.

I'll post more pictures later after Jesse mows the lawn so things don't look so unkempt. hee.

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