Tuesday, June 28, 2011

The Harvest is in...well, at least, some of it is.

We've finally gotten our first ripe tomatoes off of the plants this week. The yellow pear tomatoes are MUCH smaller than I had anticipated. I wasn't expecting them to be quite this tiny. I thought the nickel for size comparison was a nice touch.

We've been lucky enough so far to enjoy a couple of handfuls of green beans and an excellent batch of fried green tomatoes. The second round of squash has sprouted, and I have my fingers crossed for cucumber sprouts soon. The zinnias continue to flourish. My new little lavender plants have actually produced a few little blooms. Perhaps, I will get a small jar of lavender sugar out of them yet. The edamame have a few fuzzy little pods on them. We are looking forward to getting to toast them.  Jesse has actually gotten to harvest one of his beautiful habanero peppers. The first little squash did not get harvest because it developed some sort of rotting on one end. There is a second one developing. I have promised to pick it before it can even pretend to rot. bwhahaha.

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  1. I thought I posted this before...but these are so tiny!! I have never seen this kind before.