Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Revenge of the Victory Gardens

I got the wonderful surprise today of getting an afternoon FREE. A free afternoon is unheard of in my schedule. After a very discrete jump for joy, I was then struck with the dilemmia of what to do with my time. Do I run errands? Do I take a nap? Do I stay at school and get a little extra work done? No. With such a beautiful day, I decided to come home and GO OUTSIDE!

Jesse was able to finish up the raised beds for the front yard over the weekend. We filled the spaces with tomatoes (all started by me or volunteers from last year), peppers (both bell and hot- planted on opposite ends of the yard to avoid any cross pollination), green beans ("contender," bush beans), edamame (YUM!), corn ("silverqueen"), cantaloupe, watermelon, and summer squash ("yellow crookneck"). The only thing that didn't make it in the ground were the blasted cucumber seeds.

The garden is going great. There are lots of sprouts all over the place. Lots of green beans are poking their wee little heads above the soil. All of the transplants seem to have weathered the move into the ground well.  While I have generally found edamame to take FOREVER to germinate, at least 3 little plants are beginning to push their way through the top of the soil.

As for harvesting, Ardis got to eat our first small harvest of peas on Sunday ("Little Marvel"- only about 2 tablespoons worth). We will have  many more to harvest this weekend. I look forward teaching her how to shell the little green beasts. Today, I harvested 3 tiny carrots, each about the size and length of my pinky finger. After weeks of pacing and twiddling my thumbs, I couldn't stand to wait any longer to find out how they were doing.


Highlights from the past week or so:
- went to the  Cotton Mill Farmers' Market opening day. We picked up some honey, strawberries, and eggs (for my mom). Ardis also got a beautiful gourd to paint from Ms. Terry. It was a lovely morning out and felt nice to see all the people taking advantage of such a wonderful local gem.
-Spent an afternoon out at my mom's. Planted nasturtiums, million bells (kind of like a miniature wave pentunia), angelonia, creeping jenny, along with a few other items. Created two hanging baskets for her front porch. Also, delivered tomatoes to Seth for his yard.
-Lots of seedlings have been coming up at school: radishes, zinnias. cucumbers, green beans, lupine, and basil. The toddlers are doing an awesome job of watering them.


To do:
-Plant the blasted cucumbers
-Get two more tires for starting a second round of potatoes
-Get more tomato cages
-Deliver tomatoes to Rob, as well as those that have requested some :)
-Plant pole green beans at mom's

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