Sunday, May 22, 2011

The First Casualties of Summer

My poor little lettuces bit the dust. They usually do. Sitting in their little pots on the back steps the recent swings between hot and cold (and a lack of watering on my part), the little lettuces are now little withered crispies. I'll have to replant them later today-and move them to a less sunny location because, while lettuces need sun, they don't need to bake in the afternoon heat like they have been. I doubt that baked lettuce is a delicacy anywhere.

Otherwise, the garden is grow beautifully. The tomatoes are are getting taller and taller with lots of little yellow flowers on them. The green beans are getting bigger- I hope for blooms soon. We've continued to harvest peas over the past few weeks. Somehow, we continue to harvest them one cup full at a time. The more squash have sprouted as well as cantaloupe. There are 5 (!) watermelon plants! Our three habaneros are getting larger and are covered with minuscule buds (Jesse's so excited!). The lavender has bloomed. However, the plants are small and only have one or two lavender blooms apiece. I am hoping to make a small jar of lavender sugar for baking this winter. The blueberry bushes are thriving and actually have blueberries on them. I don't think that the berries will get very large this year. Hopefully, there will be enough for Ardis to get to enjoy them.

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