Wednesday, March 30, 2011

procrastination, surprises, and other four letter words.

I procrastinate. often. procrastination, by the way, is not a good characteristic when gardening-esp. when growing radishes. Why you ask? Because radish plants become prickly after they get to a certain size. Eep. After another day of using "rain" for an excuse, I finally got out into the yard yesterday to thin the beastly radishes and plant the broccoli. Instead of thinning the radishes, I harvested radishes (10 to be exact- all some where between the size of  an un-shelled hazelnut or pecan). Hopefully, I'll have plenty more to harvest later this week (which in procrastination terms will result in Friday, April 8th after we return from Kentucky).

Since I've been procrastinating on thinning the radishes, logic would dictate that I have not weeded the garden in a few weeks. After a few moments of pulling weeds, I noticed a peculiar smell. It was the "green," slightly off-putting smell of belladonna. Finally realized that amongst the dead nettle and hen bit, I was pulling up volunteer tomato plants from last year's fallen tomatoes. D'oh! There were dozens (all barely an inch high). There are no longer dozens. I feel bad.

After dealing with the shock of what I will now refer to as the "Belladonna Fiasco of 2011," I planted the 4 little broccoli plants we purchased at Burson's. Ardis had already been "prepping" the bed for me by digging random holes and eating crackers.  I've never grown "green flowers" (as Ardis has dubbed  it) before so this is an experiment for me. *fingers crossed* With Ardis stepping into a supervisory role, I dug holes and planted each plant carefully. As I was placing the fourth and final plant in the ground, I noticed that my handful of dirt was filled with worms! Not really-I just thought they were worms. Upon closer inspection, I realized that I actually had a handful of hot pepper seeds that had sprouted still inside the leathery skin of a dried pepper from last year. When I recovered from the mild heart attack that a handful of "worm-sprouts" caused, I was careful to replant them in a now clearly marked location.

Broccoli planted, radishes thinned, and weeds pulled out of the two side beds in the yard, I took a moment to survey the yard and what other surprises might be in store for me. There were surprises aplenty, and they are as follows: 1 lovely pink rosebud partially opened, 1 purple ranunculus flower out side of the fence (with two color-as-yet-to-be-determined buds) that I forget I planted last year, a front raised bed full of potato plants that I forgot I planted a month or so ago, and, finally, 1 very lovely, tall asparagus plant that survived the abuse from Mikey and Penny from last year till now.

Now I get to sit back and procrastinate some more because Mother Nature has continued to water the garden for me. Hopefully, her surprises will continue to be good.  Now if only she'd throw out a little more heat and sunshine.

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