Monday, January 27, 2014

Where are we now?

Where are we now? Well, we're in the same house we were in when I started this blog. However, we are three children, three dogs, two cats, one hamster (that ran away), and a good bit of chaos deep into this house. Our adventures in gardening continue to be just that: adventures. However, they feel like they've been a little less successful as time and children have accumulated--likely because I have less time to devote to seedlings that are not my own two legged variety.

Our children are growing and blossoming in their own ways. Ardis, our oldest and fiercest, is a couple months shy of turning five. Five as in five years old. Blows my mind a little, especially since she seems to have had a growth spurt during the past few months and seems to be getting much to tall for a five year old. She is beginning to read, which means that spelling out loud is out of the question, and is doing math in her head.  Hawkins, our tractor loving outdoorsman, turned two last month and continues to emulate my dad at times. While two years old doesn't warp my mind nearly as much as five years, listening to him talk (making connections between the things in his world) and watching him play makes two feel like a complete game changer. Jack, our newest, twenty-seven days old addition, is still a mystery. He made his entry twenty-four days before his due date, leaving Jesse and myself completely bewildered and a mite lost. Hell- we didn't have a bed put together for him.

Our yarden is still there- less productive than it has been in years past. Even less now that it is winter. In an effort to regain some sense of normalcy (and to escape the black hole that is my home), the children and I stole a few moments on MLK Jr. Day to visit the dreary, mildly neglected backyard. We'd returned from a trip to Rome (Georgia not Italy) visiting my mother's sister and a dear college friend of mine from my one year at Berry. While the monster and her minion explored the desolation that even a mild winter can condemn our tiny yard to, I cleared the leaves and debris from the raised bed.  We planted, spinach, kale, carrots, and radishes.

I suspect that there will be a few more entries in the near future. I'll warn you, though, my thoughts are leaning less towards flora and more towards my fauna....(maybe I shouldn't refer to my children as animals???)

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